Kiwi class

Age 2 turning 3

We understand that the first time at school can be a little overwhelming, but when you walk into a classroom filled with love, play, fun and laughter, there is no way that your little one would want to leave. We create a safe and stimulating environment for the children, and make sure every one of them feel loved.

A daily routine is set out. This helps babies and toddlers feel safe and secure and ensures an easier transition between home and nursery school as they know what to expect every day. However, playing is how our children in this age group learn, it comes naturally to them. Sometimes it might not look like much is happening, but playing develops their brains and allows children to use all their senses - hearing, seeing, tasting, touching, smelling. Playing develops our 2 – 3 years olds cognitive, social & emotional, speech & language development as well as fine and gross motor skill development. Playing is “structured” according to a monthly theme.

Auckland Park Nursery school hosts an annual Concert. The ceremony consists of children putting on grand performances of songs, reciting poems, dancing and performing wonderful drama sketches.


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