Grade R

Age 5 turning 6

Our focus in Grade R is to encourage the children to become more independent, responsible and confident in preparation for their transition into Grade 1. During each day, they follow a routine that gives them flexible boundaries in which to learn and interact with each other through constructive, structured play. A daily planner ensures that the school day is varied and stimulating and also creates a sense of predictability which makes the learners feel secure in the school environment. Grade R teachers teach Grade R within the CAPS curriculum, according to the relevant Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) documents. All learning is based around a weekly or bi-weekly theme and includes Literacy, Numeracy and PSE activities.

APNS holds a variety of events and outings throughout the year. Parents are kept up-to-date through regular newsletters and communication.

Our Grade R team boasts over 18 years of experience with this group. After a busy, stimulating and creative year, our children are well prepared and equipped for Grade 1. Auckland Park Nursery school hosts an annual Grade R Graduation. The ceremony consists of children putting on grand performances of songs, reciting poems, dancing and performing wonderful drama sketches.

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